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好听的英文翻译签名_The past is never where you think you lef

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好听的英文翻译签名_The past is never where you think you lef
、Time orbit we just one solitude of the subway.
Although again sweet candy, also has a bitter day.
Accustomed, one day.
Even next second we didn't meet, on one second we will meet.
Believe that god is fair.(相信上帝是公平的。)
We look forward to, our future.
We believe, our future.
Is very sweet, very bitter, and that is love.
Those troubles, always linger.
It doesn't matter is ok, just everything cannot go back.
Just don't give up, Russia are then buchibuqi.
Then the selfish hurt, but only in order not to leave.
Such as flocculent snow, high-stepping but not into Russia heart.
Missing is like a disease, take much medicine or not.
How many dream had, and never came into my heart.
I am god, that nothing can be done not god.
Someone said, my love, I just thought.
I do not follow, I live is always all you want.
Then that be together, in the flow of unease, time is well.
An artificial another lifetime silly once is enough
You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once.
Do not base your happiness off someone else.
You’ll make it through whatever comes along.
You know you so good, if the contracted dust that how regrettable.
When I was a child, was buried the most true most sweet smile

Waiting for your concern, until I shut the Heart


The acquired any reason to ask you, have a permanence is only a short do

In fact, there are a lot of feelings are about you, but you never noticed

Never once called permanence

Can you tell me why always say one thing and doing another?

You say you love me, then you what is there to prove to me
你说,我太花痴 。 可是对不起,对你 我从不花痴

You say, I was too anthomaniac 。 However, I am sorry, for you I never anthomaniac
我不想当一个被人玩弄的玩具 。

I did not want to be playing with a toy 。

Our forever, how far, how long the?
等待, 也许不容易 伤害, 却轻而易举
Wait, maybe not easy to Injury, but easy to
When I grow up,I want to be a little girl

等我[长大]以后 。我要当一个小女孩。


My beautiful, let the devil come to worship

I would like to be a single-cell organisms, heartless creature alive.
以后的某一天 我们正在快乐着, 是我们正在快乐

One day later we are happy with, is that we are happy
就让我 一直守护着他, 直到生命结束

Let I have been watching over him until the end of life


Eventually alter the fact that childhood dream of cruel.

不是我不相信你, 是我们不应该在一起

Not what I do not believe you, is that we should not be together

你能不能别总是在和别人分了之后才找我 。

Can you and others do not always come to me after the hours of the 。
With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines.
Love me little and love me long.
Love warms more than a thousand fires.
Don't be afraid, just like my this heart, forever is your home.
Then that be together, in the flow of unease, time is well.
An artificial another lifetime silly once is enough
True friends won't grow apart even when they don't talk every day.
If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.
Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the dumb can speak.
There are 7 billion people in this world, yet my heart chose you.
世界上有七十亿人口,但我的心选择了你。 好听的英文翻译签名_The past is never where you think you lef这篇文章来源于:qq个性网(www.60tp.com)欢迎大家通过下面(↓)的分享按键转载分享给更多的好朋友。

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